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Your purchase of our products and memberships helps to make the world a better place. It creates jobs for people, and 100% of the profits supports Super Happy Healthy Kids and other not-for-profit organizations that promote kindness and the betterment of the world. Thank you for buying our products!

The mission of Super Happy Healthy Kids is to teach children to communicate through “kind words and kind acts” and to prevent bullying. The organization, founded by Esther in 2014, engages children with fun and valuable activities that pass on core values of kindness, leadership, responsible decision-making, self-discipline, and self-motivation. Through their programs and activities, they teach children and their families to think and communicate positively. SHHK offers certified-organic fruits as snacks and are a "NO added sugar" after-school program. They believe that by building our kids up to be leaders with strength and compassion, we can create a better future.