Welcome to your journey to Simple Healthy Living

Simple Healthy Living

Welcome to your journey to Simple Healthy Living

Here you will find a sacred space to grow and feel safe as well as products and ideas to help you be the best you and live simply and healthy. Esther Yang, the Founder of Simple Healthy Living, has been helping people change their lives and heal their mind, body, and spirit since 1995.

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Simple Healthy Living

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to inspire you to love yourself and others (all the perfect and imperfect parts), to laugh more often, and to have inner peace through healthy eating, exercise, and meditation. We know that life can be complicated. It is our hope that our experiences can benefit you. Our goal is to help you transform everyday struggles, joyfully with a smile.

Welcome to a Better You!

Simple Healthy Living

About the Founder

Esther Yang is a core-energetic psychotherapist, author, recipe developer, and wellness consultant. She has been helping clients lead healthier and happier lives for over 25 years. Her book, Love Yourself, the Heck with Everyone Else, has been making people laugh and guiding readers through the ups and downs of life.

Esther believes that we must take care of our bodies using natural remedies and wholesome recipes. She has developed her own line of skincare products made from certified organic, 100% natural, and cruelty-free products.

During the pandemic, Esther created hundreds of recipes made from 5 ingredients, cooked in 20 minutes or less. She is also the Executive Director of Super Happy Healthy Kids (SHHK), a not-for-profit afterschool program that promotes kindness and seeks to end bullying.

100% Profits to Help Others

Your purchase of our products and memberships helps to make the world a better place. It creates jobs for people, and 100% of the profits supports Super Happy Healthy Kids and other not-for-profit organizations that promote kindness and the betterment of the world. Thank you for buying our products!

The mission of Super Happy Healthy Kids is to teach children to communicate through “kind words and kind acts” and to prevent bullying. The organization, founded by Esther in 2014, engages children with fun and valuable activities that pass on core values of kindness, leadership, responsible decision-making, self-discipline, and self-motivation. Through their programs and activities, they teach children and their families to think and communicate positively. SHHK offers certified-organic fruits as snacks and are a "NO added sugar" after-school program. They believe that by building our kids up to be leaders with strength and compassion, we can create a better future.

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