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We are grateful for this opportunity to make your life simpler and healthier. Our team created this website to teach people how to change their lives and to share our knowledge. We are committed to you so please do the same for yourself. Promise yourself that you will make your life simpler, healthier, and happier. 

This site is about sharing these lessons, allowing you to unlock your potential and spend quality time with yourself and loved ones. Life is beautiful but it can also be difficult. At Simple Healthy Living, you can learn strategies to cope in this difficult world. It's time for you to expand your heart and share it with others. 

Esther Yang: My Story

All the products, classes, and healing sessions on this website were created after overcoming my sorrows and challenges, but also from my eureka moments like the skincare line, recipes, and secret sauce. I have made so many mistakes and learned so many lessons that I can pass on to you, so you don’t have to repeat my mistakes.

Simple Healthy Living was born during one of the most painful periods in my life. I watched as my adoptive father Harry died of esophagus cancer and I could do nothing. I lost my greatest support in my life.  Soon after, two of my good friends died of AIDS, and yet again, I couldn’t help. Feeling lost and desperate after burying my father and friends, I vowed to learn how to help people live better and heal themselves.

I was in a rough place. I searched for answers and anything to comfort my soul. I read two books a week, took classes and workshops, and studied anatomy, movement, and yoga. I needed to understand the human body. I learned to use what my grandmother and grandfather, both herbalists, taught me about natural medicines. I began to simplify my life and follow a healthier lifestyle for my mind, body, and spirit. Slowly I began healing myself. Eventually, I found my desire to help others and teach my clients and students how to begin their own journey of self-discovery, health, and happiness.

Simple Healthy Living

A Tribute

Simple Healthy Living is a tribute to my two amazing adoptive parents, Harry and Marj, who adopted not only me but my seven brothers. Can you imagine inviting eight children to live with you and to be devoted to these children completely and utterly?  Harry was a retired New Jersey police officer, rodeo champion, and a former Navy marine. Marj was the Head of Human Resources at General Motors in New Jersey. No matter what was happening, my brothers and I came first. Above all, we felt special, loved and cared for. 

After going through a harrowing year of watching loved ones die without being able to help, I longed for a simpler life. Not just a simple life, but a simple and healthy one.


“The parents and students really love Esther Yang’s Karate Class.”

 - Maria Velez Clarke, Principal of the Children’s Workshop School

“Esther Yang personifies dedication, passion and professionalism. I am proud to have worked with Esther because she is a woman who brings integrity and skill, pursuing only the best for herself and those who cross her path”

Marcia A Pappas, Former President of NOW (National Organization for Women), New York State

“Esther is highly intelligent and very productive. She is foremost a skilled clinician and healer, perceptive, a solidly organized individual who has helped many people reorganize their lives and learn to prioritize.”

Elizabeth S. Carl, Certified Social Worker and Alcoholism Counselor

“Esther is a unique and special healer. Her healing does not only come from her golden touch but also from her caring heart.”

Dr. Thomas M. Leveillee, Chiropractor

“The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive.”

Daniel R. Alfonsa, M.D., Senior Associate Dean, Cornell University Medical College

"On behalf of our members, I can highly recommend Esther Yang’s workshops"

Asian Women in Business

“I found Esther to be knowledgeable and professional, yet approachable. What she presets at Gilda’s Club scratched the surface of her skills and repertoire, however the members value her highly as is evident in their comments: “Esther has an extreme vitality which she extends in her sensitivity to each person”

Randy Hale, Program Manager, Gilda’s Club

“Esther is a person of great ethics and moral integrity. She has demonstrated her skills in leadership, in knowledge, and in dynamics. Without reservation. I give her my highest esteem”

Bob Enne, M. Ep, Shiatsu Instructor, Reike Master

“Esther is gifted in her perception of energy and has the ability to work energetically with the body. She also gives generously of herself”

Olga Vujovic, M.D., General Practitioner

"She not only knows the workings of the physical body, but the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects as well"

Richard Cunningham, President and Owner of the Athletic Complex

"Esther is impeccably trained. She is a unique and competent professional who is at home with traditional psychotherapeutic technique as well as with the more esoteric ones"

George P. Sarant, M.D. Internal Medicine, Psychiatry

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